Below are examples of my primary services.  If you have a special project or circumstance to discuss, please feel free to contact me!


What you can expect from me: 

  • Professional and courteous
  • Honest good faith dealings
  • Show up in plenty of time - prepared
  • Equipment worthy of your expectations (full-frame Nikon DSLR's, Nikon lenses, pro-level lighting) 
  • Flexibility with you to optimize results within agreed parameters
  • Prompt proof review so you can choose your favorite shots
  • Prompt and expert post-processing using sophisticated software programs and techniques
  • Professional quality prints when promised
  • JPG files on CD-ROM for every print

What I expect of you:  

  • Honest good faith dealings
  • Show up on time
  • Courteous demeanor
  • Be true to yourself -- let your personality shine through
  • Your input to optimize results
  • Weddings:  Furnish a reliable and attentive contact to help me photograph all important guests
  • Weddings:  Guests will be allowed to photograph but not to interfere with me
  • Prompt payment
  • Portraits:  Chaperon welcome (and mandatory for minors).

Payment:  If we agree to do business, I will furnish a good faith estimate.  A non-refundable earnest deposit is required at this time (applicable as credit to final invoice).  Pricing will be by hour or job (as appropriate) and will be itemized and explained.  At contract signing, solid pricing binds us.  Add-ons are fine and will entail a supplement to contract.  Full payment is required upon delivery of prints and JPG files. 



Due to the sheer amount of variation involved in portraiture, please contact me for more information and estimates. 



Value:  "All the Essentials" -- Bridal Formals, Ceremony, Group Portraits, Reception, Post-processing: proofs and images optimized for prints, array of prints.

Deluxe: "Expanded and Flexible" -- Wedding Rehearsal Dinner or Glamour portraits, Pre-Ceremony Candids, Bridal Formals, Ceremony, Group Portraits, Reception, Post-processing: additional proofs and images optimized for prints, glamour processing, additional array of prints.

Deluxe Plus: "Emphasis on Glamour" -- Studio / On-site Glamour Portraits, Wedding Rehearsal Dinner, Pre-Ceremony Candids, Glamour Bridal Formals, Ceremony, Group Portraits, Reception, Post-processing: additional proofs and images optimized for prints, additional glamour processing, additional array of prints.

Pricing starts around $730.



Banquets; Baby Showers; Birthdays . . . You name it.  Contact me to discuss details.



Experienced and in publication:   Books/Manuscripts; Architecture; Fine Art/Museum. 

Contact me to discuss details.



Being adept with papers, inks, and electronic printing profiles, I feature professional quality custom photographic printing services.  I own Epson printing equipment capable 13" x 36" output.  My repertoire of printers, papers and inks runs a gamut to satisfy your high end and economy driven needs.  I will work with you to achieve the best results, and printing is guaranteed to your satisfaction.

For confidential and legal printing, please contact me.  All inquiries will remain strictly confidential.


Deluxe:  High quality, equivalent to specialty print services; superior to mass printing services.

Deluxe-PRO:  Extraordinary quality; wide-gamut color, capturing subtle tones; superior papers.

Art Fiber / Gallery:  Highest quality papers and ink density; special textures.


Luster / semi-gloss:  Ideal for portraits and groups; good for most anything.

Glossy:  Works well for group portraits, landscapes, nature, B&W and "film effect" portraits.

Matte:  Black & White; artsy portraits and groups.


You will be quoted total pricing (including shipping and tax - if applicable) before I request payment.

You can order on-line ("Shop" page).  However, I recommend we first discuss your order in detail to assure clear communication.  Note that local clients can arrange for direct delivery, saving on shipping costs. 

Custom Sizing:  Up to 13" x 36".



* None of the photos of my clients displayed in the Portraits, Weddings, or Gallery sections are for sale or download, except for that client.

** All my clients' images are securely saved with double redundancy (including fire proof) to assure your ability to order additional prints in the future. 

*** For additional questions or details, please feel free to Contact me.